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Weed Cultivator Modification

On May 30th, The team started with a small research over the design, the prototype which we started preparing yesterday i.e. May 29th, was carried forward today. We prepared the base for the prototype in the NIF lab yesterday, and today we prepared blades for the cultivator and finally welded the blades with the base and the prototype is finally prepared. Today we worked to cut the blades into perfect dimensions, then bended it to give it a perfect shape and then welded it using the welding gun.

After that we started working on our next design and researching about same we came up with two ideas, after working over the ideas, we consulted Sir in the NIF lab and got a designed finalised. Now we are working over the final design to make it into a second prototype. We are right now struggling with the screw design and to understand how proper grip can be made.The research work is still continue to search for better option.

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