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ON MAY 27, the team recognized a new problem statement that is HBN APP development.

First of all what is HBN and what are its guiding principles:

What is Honey Bee Network?


  • Honey Bee Network is a crucible of like minded individuals, innovators, farmers, scholars, entrepreneurs and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

  • It signifies a philosophy of discourse that must be authentic and fair.

  • The Network rotates around three basic ideals:

  • While collecting knowledge, protection of IPR of knowledge holder is a must except in cases undesirable by provider. A norm has been made to acknowledge knowledge provider with name and reference.

  • Knowledge source for HBN are traditional knowledge holders and innovators at grass root level. HBN highly feels the urge to acknowledge them.

  • Any profit acquired with the value addition of knowledge provided by knowledge holders then a reasonable share of that profit must go back to those who provided that piece of knowledge.

  • The centre also encourages women to innovate. Of the total funds received, 5% is reserved for women innovators.

These are the fundamental guiding principles of the network.

The main problem that is to be solved via this app is:

  • HBN Network works with collaboration of SRISTI, Techpedia and NIF.

  • All of these store and populate their data or information under different domains in different databases.

  • The problem that is to be solved is to make an app where user community can access all of the data present under different domains under different databases of SRISTI, Techpedia and NIF all together in one application.

After getting a thorough understanding of the problem statement and understanding the needs of the user group who will be accessing the content of this app the team brainstormed regarding what can be the possible design options,what platforms should be used etc.

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