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Today the team had a visit to NIF lab to meet vinay Yadav who is mentoring about the Project. the team decided the designing of the circuits with the help of Vinay yadav sir. the team today decided specification of the material we going to use to design the circuit. The vinay yadav sir told us to use a low cost transducer like 40-44KHz and see that is the insect repelling or not. Today we prepared the list of the material required to design and sumbitted the list to the co-ordinators. the team selected the insects we require to repell in the range of 40-50 KHz. Insects like Aphids, Cutworms, Threps, Surface Grasshopper are those who repelled in this range. we discuss about the charging controller ciruit and calculated the total attage of our design with the help of vinay sir.

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