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28th May | Load carrying Device

In the morning, every members were sitting and discussing about the project.We went to FAB LAB and changed our design.

Then we discussed about dimensions and the possible sub designs. Ajay and Rohit have brought the two different types of rods from outside. Anshuman, Ankit, and Rohit have decided the dimensions of the design. Ankit and Ajay have cut the material into pieces.

In the designing, Javed Bhai helps a lot. He has also discussed with us. We have drilled in three rods. Then we weld all the steel hollow pipes with the help of Anil Bhai and Ravindra Bhai. After half of the welding, we went for delicious lunch.

We have welded the remaining parts with the help of Ajay Bhai and Ravindra bhai. In between some prof. came and he has discussed with us about the design. He also discussed the different materials for the lightweight device.​

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