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At 8 am our group members gathered and went for visit .The filed visit location is about one and half kilometer away from Grambharati.we reached shadhaji chahuji’s farm.He was not there, so we asked about him so one man told us that he is in bajara’s field.we went there and ask him question like what kind of insects help to grow plant?Do you know at which part of the filed there are more insects than other part?Can you show us the harmful insects of the crops?He showed us catterpiller,thrips.We took many photos.After that we went to Ratansingh’s farm.He planted brinjals there.We asked same questions that we asked Shadhaji.we observed that there were no insects in that field and he didn’t use any pesticides.we asked about that .he answered that they are not come because of high temperature.we wanted to visit a farm where tomatoes are planted but we didn’t find that.we came back at 11 am.

After having lunch we did group discussion in that everyone suggested to search for frequency range for spider,birds,honey bee,butterfly.One of our group member was searching for that other three were finding the components which we required for our first prototype.We made that list.Now,our goal is to make first prototype and check it for every insects.

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