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Dairy Farm Automation

“Innovation is change that unlocks new value”

-Jamie Notter

Dated: 24/05/2017

Village: Delvaad(Gujrat)

Milk is an essential component of diet for everyone from children to the old ones, but we have no clue about the intricacies of the process involved. The summer school team identified that there can probably be a problem with the distribution of adequate money to the milkman(corruption) providing milk to the collection centre. Now wondering what’s that?

Actually, collection centre is a unit where milkman sell their milk from their small dairy farms in return of a sum which is calculated from the percentage quantity of fat in the milk. So, we realized there is a loophole where the contractor can play with the fat figures and the transparency is on stake. So, the team decided to automate the fat data storing and compute the amount payable to the milkman according to the day’s market rates.


  1. Use of automation for storage of quantity of fat in the milk. This will require an Arduino/Raspberry-pie based machine to transfer output of the fat machine to the Computer Machine.

  2. Then by use of Internet of Things we plan to get the current value of milk in compliance with the unit of fat Quantity. This rate is multiplied by the fat measured of the milk to get the price to be paid to the corresponding milkman.

  3. Storing of this data in the online database of Government for regular checking. Also, it can be used to pay the milkmen digitally using their bank accounts.

Major Requirements:

  1. Arduino controlled device to store data from machine to computer.

  2. Milkman providing milk to be provided with a specific registration number.

  3. Code to store data from machine to an online as well as offline database with the milkman’s registration number.

  4. Running internet connection for calculation of the amount to be paid per day.

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