June 31st, the team started working on the second prototype after finalizing the designs. For the second prototype various designs have been put forward by the team members and discussed with various mentors present in the lab. After all the discussions and research we...

May 30, 2018


Today our day started with new excitement and positive power as we all were going to our 2nd field visit to the “Runn of Kutch” as we all were excited to show our initial prototype to the salt farmers to get to know about their reaction and feedback about...

On May 30th, The team started with a small research over the design, the prototype which we started preparing yesterday i.e. May 29th, was carried forward today. We prepared the base for the prototype in the NIF lab yesterday, and today we prepared blades for the culti...

May 30, 2018

  1. Menu layout customisation:

    • Changes were made in the settings option.

  2. Menu layout optimisation:

    • The server option was made static.

    • By no means can the user change the server settings.

  3. External app launch:

    • The signa...

ON MAY 27, the team recognized a new problem statement that is HBN APP development.

First of all what is HBN and what are its guiding principles:

What is Honey Bee Network?

  • Honey Bee Network is a crucible of like minded individuals, innovators, farmers, scholars, entr...