1.0 Introduction 

               At the Sristi Summer Innovative School, we were guided by Professor Anil Gupta and we have started working on the problems which are faced by the tribal people living in the Udaipur North Forest Area.



Water purification 

Pure water is a basic need. Water related problems are faced globally. So we at Summer school 17 in Grambharti choose this as an important issue to be addressed. We got information about excess of iron and fluoride in nearby area su...

Team Members:

  1. Ratan Das : CSIR-CSIO Chandigarh, 

  2. Ayush Jain : IIT Delhi

  3. Neelanjana Paul :NIT Goa

  4. Shreyasvi : RV College of Engineering

Problem Statement:

The problem presented before us is the early detection and warning of toxic gases in the br...

It was one of those days when you expected the sun to be at is gleaming best, but the gods thought otherwise. Few cups of coffee and some 50 odd kilometres later, there we were, the milestone read ‘Zero”’, veil of pristine white sand below our feet and an endless sky w...